If you're one of the people who will be the first in line to pick up one of the new Thunderbolt Hard Drives when they hit the market, then there are a lot things that you should be looking at researching first. We've gotten a tip from a Thunderbolt Hard Drive team of experts, this is one of their top tips for how to make sure you don't waste your hard earned money on new technology you'll be disappointed with: That Disk Spins Round - Don’t cash out for a Thunderbolt Hard Drive with a spinning disk. Even a high end 7200 RPM SATA drive isn’t able to keep up the pace with your new ThunderBolt port. To try to lower the price point and meet the increasing storage wants of users some manufacturers are already releasing plans out there to put spinning drives in Thunderbolt enclosures. Don’t waste your money on these, they can’t keep up the pace.